With plics®, the world of instrumentation is more transparent and the selection of the most suitable measuring principle simpler. All instrument details – from housing to electronics to process fitting – can be combined exactly to meet the customer requirements.

The result is a sensor that meets your needs perfectly and is with you quickly: 80% of all customized instruments are built within 5 working days.

Standardised display and adjustment module

PLICSCOM is actually a simple combination of measured value display and programing unit. It is used both to set up and operate plics® instruments, as well as display their readings. It is compatible with all housings and measuring principle:

  • The menu structure is clearly organised and presented in plain language
  • Four buttons enable quick navigation and parameter input
  • Inadvertent or unauthorized use can be prevented via PIN protection
  • Optimal reading and ease of use is ensured by the option of mounting in 90° increments
  • The graphics capable screen can also display detailed trend and echo curves
  • Set up of multiple devices with one PLICSCOM is facilitated by a data copy function