10 years of plics®

Our measure of success

10 years of plics®:
Milestones on the road to success

Since its introduction in 2003, the plics® instrument concept and its platform strategy have become an impressive success story.
The original goal of plics® still stands today: to simplify level and pressure measurement technology. Standardised compact housings and electronics modules, fast delivery times with a simple uniform adjustment concept to avoid set up error were top of the specification list. Also imperative was that every new version of the adjustment software must be backwards compatible with all older instruments.

Revolution begins – the first plics® level and pressure instruments VEGASWING, VEGABAR VEGAFLEX, VEGAPULS and VEGASON 60 Series are launched on the market. All instruments are able to be adjusted with the common display and adjustment module PLICSCOM, or PACTware software.

The first bulk solids radar sensor VEGAPULS 68 is introduced, along with VEGAVIB and VEGAWAVE 60 Series 60 level switches. All the advantages of plics® became available for both level measurement and point level detection of bulk solids. VEGA rounds out the instrument concept by integrating capacitive level sensors VEGACAP 60 into the platform.

PLICSRADIO a transmitting and receiving unit for wireless transmission of 4 ... 20 mA/HART signals, is released onto the market.