Level and pressure measurement in the paper industry 

The paper industry places stringent requirements on productivity and plant availability. We know these requirements and provide optimal sensor technology for level, switching and pressure: robust, long-term stable and service friendly.

» Wood chip silo

Contactless and continuous level measurement

» Pulp digester

Monitoring of filling and process pressure measurement

» Liquor regeneration

Radiometric density measurement in the pipes

» Bleaching process

Level measurement in the bleaching tower and overfill protection

» Dissolution of waste paper and cellulose in the pulper

Level measurement in the pulper and belt monitoring

» Fibre separation in the pressure screen

Pressure difference measurement between inlet and outlet

» Pulp storage and discharge towers

Level measurements in the pulp storage and discharge towers

» Stock deaerators

Continuous level measurement of the stock deaerator in the approach system

» Headbox

Pressure measurement and level measurement in the headbox

» Water trap

Level measurement with guided wave radar transmitter in the water trap and vacuum measurement in the pipeline with pressure transmitters.

» Dry section

Pressure measurement at the inlet and at the outlet of the drying cylinder

» Storage containers for chemicals and auxiliary materials

Level measurement, overfill protection and pressure monitoring in storage containers

» Starch liquefaction

Level measurement with radar sensor and dry run protection in starch silo