Sewage pumping stations

Sewage pumping stations

Dosing and precipitation station

Chemicals are needed for sewage treatment, for example, chemical precipitation. In this process, phosphates and nitrates are settled out and separated. Beside lime solution and iron(III) chloride, acids and lyes are also stored for treatment of the digested sludge and for neutralization. These substances are subject to laws governing the use of substances hazardous to water. Appropriate overfill safeguards must therefore be installed on the storage tanks.

Level measurement with VEGAPULS 61

The radar measuring principle is particularly suitable for continuous level measurement of toxic and corrosive substances because it operates contactlessly, i.e. without direct contact with the medium. With its plastic-encapsulated antenna, the VEGAPULS 61 radar sensor is chemically highly resistant and thus ideal for this application.

Overfill protection with VEGASWING 63

Sensors for level detection represent an important safety element when it comes to overfill prevention in containers with toxic media. Due to its universal range of application, the vibrating level switch VEGASWING 63 is particularly suitable for water-endangering substances. To match the type and degree of corrosiveness of the medium, sensors fabricated of 316 L, Hastelloy, as well as plastic or enamel coating are available.


Measuring range
up to 35 m  
Process fitting
thread G1―, 1― NPT
mounting strap
compression flanges from DN 80, 3"
Process temperature
-40 … +80 °C
Process pressure
-1 … +3 bar
(-100 … +300 kPa)
Measuring precision
+/- 2 mm
SIL qualification
optionally up to SIL2


tube extension up to 6 m
Hastelloy, enamel
Process fitting
thread from Gū, ū NPT
flanges from DN 25, 1"
hygienic fittings
Process temperature
-50 … +250 °C 
Process pressure
-1 … +64 bar
(-100 … +6400 kPa) 
SIL qualification
optionally up to SIL2