Operational reliability is a good feeling

Take an interactive tour of the measurement points in a wastewater treatment plant.

» Sewer network

Level measurement in a sewer network

» Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

Level measurement in the stormwater overflow chamber

» Stormwater retention basin

Level measurement in a stormwater retention basin

» Vacuum sewerage system

Level measurement in a vacuum tank

» Pumping station

Level control in a pumping station

» Sewage screw pump lifting station

Level measurement in the sewage lifting station

» Intake channel

Flow-rate measurement in open channels

» Sludge receiving station

Sludge receiving station Level measurement

» Coarse and fine screens

Differential water level measurement for control of screen raking

» Grit trap

Point level detection in a grit trap

» Grit washer

Measurement of sand concentration in the sand washer

» Mixing and equalization ponds

Flow equalisation basin Water level measurement

» Precipitant and chemicals station

Level measurement and point level detection in the chemical tank

» Lime silo

Level measurement and high level detection in the lime silo

» Conditioning

Level measurement in the conditioning tank

» Sludge thickener tank

Level measurement in a sludge concentration tank

» Digester

Level measurement and point level detection of foam in the digester

» Gas pipeline

Flow meter for sludge gas

» Biogas storage facility

Volume and pressure monitoring in the biogas storage facility

» Sludge storage tank

Level measurement in the sludge storage tank

» Sludge dewatering

Level detection of sludge and water

» Sludge drying

Measurement of belt loading and mass flow in a thermal sludge drying facility

» Sludge granulate silo

Level measurement in the sludge granulate silo

» Process water tank

Level measurement in the process water tank

» Pump room

Flood protection in the pump room

» Gauge station

River level measurement