Visualization software WEB-VV with new functions 

Visualization software WEB-VV with new functions

One of the new features of the visualization software WEB-VV is the expanded view containing 100 measuring points.

VEGA has been offering WEB-VV, a visualization software for monitoring inventory levels, for many years already. The program allows suppliers of raw materials to access the current inventory data of their customers (Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI).
First of all, the measurement data are made available by signal conditioning instruments via remote transmission. Then, using these data, the visualization software WEB-VV visualizes, monitors and centrally hosts the inventory. Customer and supplier only need Internet access in the familiar Windows environment in order to access the inventory data via the WEB-VV portal. A typical application for WEB-VV is, for example, the monitoring of bakery flour silos by a flour mill.

The online portal WEB-VV is now available with a modern user interface and improved functionality. The following new features will make working with WEB-VV much easier:

  • Clear, simple design
  • Customization of screens
  • Display of up to 100 measuring points
  • Measuring point status information for system diagnostics
  • Presentation of measuring point locations in geographical maps