Sensor data at the click of a mouse 

Sensor data at the click of a mouse

Fast setup of VEGA instruments via PC with the new desktop link "VEGA USB-Scan"

There is now a special desktop link called "VEGA USB-Scan" for fast setup and commissioning of VEGA instruments via PC. With only one double click it starts the device search via the USB interface of the PC, the associated device DTM and the automatic connection to the device, including the loading of all parameters.

If the system detects exactly one VEGA end device during this process, only the required settings for this device are displayed in a window. In such case, the PACTware control and adjustment elements are completely hidden.
DTMs for interface devices or gateways are not automatically opened. This saves time in setting up and analyzing field instruments and makes work on site in the field easier.

If multiple devices are detected on the USB port of the PC, all devices in the PACTware project tree are displayed, but no DTM is opened.