TDR sensor for continuous level measurement 

Application area

The VEGAFLEX 63 is a level sensor for liquids in all industries. Due to the smooth, gapfree surface and the high resistance and food-safe plastic coating the sensor is ideal for measurement of aggressive and corrosive liquids as well as in applications with high hygienic requirements. The VEGAFLEX 63 delivers precise measured values independent of environmental influences such as vapour, buildup and condensation.


  • Minimum time and cost expenditure thanks to simple setup without medium
  • High reliability through best cleanability and maximum chemical resistance
  • Simple instrument selection, because independent of product features

Technical data

cable ( 4 mm)
rod ( 10 mm)
Measuring range
cable up to 32 m
rod up to 4 m
Process fitting
flanges from DN 50, 2
Clamp from 1"
Process temperature
-40  +150 C
Process pressure
-0.5 +16 bar
(-50 +1600 kPa)
+/- 3 mm
SIL qualification
optionally up to SIL2