Measurement technology for effective environmental protection 

A sustainable economy requires careful and efficient use of natural resources as well as great care for the environment. That’s why environmental legislation places very strict requirements on the waste and recycling industry. The various application examples in this area show high-performance measurement technology with SIL, WHG, and Ex approvals.

» Furnace feed shaft

Noncontact level measurement of the waste

» Incinerator

Measurement of the waste layer thickness, the air flow and the air absolute pressure

» Ash disposal via the deslagger

Level measurement of the water bath

» Flue gas scrubbing in a scrubber system

Level measurement of the washing water in the scrubber system

» Leachate measurement

Level measurement in the leachate well

» Leachate treatment in a stripping column

Level measurement in the bypass tube

» Receiving chambers for special waste

Level measurement, maximum signal and leak detection

» Storage tanks for intermediate storage

Level measurement and level detection of special waste

» Buffer container for pretreated bio-waste

Backup detection of the digestate

» Biogas reactor

Level measurement of the digestate, overfill protection and pressure measurement of the gas

» Granulate silos in plastic recycling

Level measurement of PVC granulate

» Cullet silos in scrap glass recycling

Level measurement and backup detection in the cullet silo

» Dewatering column in waste oil regeneration

Level measurement in the bypass tube of the dewatering column