Reliable operation of a harbor lock with VEGAPULS WL 61

The application

Shoreham Port on the south coast of England has two sea locks. These guarantee a constant water level for the continuous, heavy ship traffic in the harbor basin.
The floodgates may only open when the level difference is less than 150 mm. If the hydraulic systems open the gates when the difference is larger, the water pressure is too high and can damage the mechanical linkages. Until now, the necessary level measurement was lacking in one of the two locks.
Hydrostatic measurement would have required the installation of calming pipes. But retrofitting such components is difficult and expensive, and the pipes are susceptible to damage. Maintenance is costly and dangerous for the workers because of the passing ships.

The process data

Medium:Brackish water
Place of installation:Side wall of a lock
Measuring height:Up to 8 m
Ambient temperature:-10 ... +40 C

The solution

The ideal solution for this measuring task is the radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61. It is specifically designed for use in the area of water management: high protection category IP 68 (2 bar), direct cable outlet and compliance with new radio standard EN 302729-1/2. It measures contactlessly and completely unaffected by rain, sun and wind and does not require a protective tube.  Its narrow beam angle allows installation very close to the side wall in a wall recess. The floodgates can thus open without hindrance and the sensor is well protected during the passage of ships.
For the port, this solution ensures a reliable, automatic operation of the floodgates. It is also very economical: beside the sensor with mounting bracket, no further investments in the measuring point are required.

User benefits

AdvantageReliable, automatic operation of the floodgates
AdvantageBest possible use of water pressure for opening and closing
AdvantageMaintenance-free measurement, significantly lower maintenance costs
AdvantageSimple mounting on the lock wall, measuring point accessible at all times