Application of the month 

Every month we highlight an outstanding application of sensor technology for level, switching and pressure in a particular industry.

November 2014

» Reducing energy costs with pressure measurement enables flue gas to be used for drying gypsum products

July 2014

» Liquid gas levels measured with electronic differential pressure

June 2014

» Limestone quarry - Mass flow measurement on a conveyor belt

May 2014

» Level and temperature detected with one sensor, measurement data transmitted wirelessly

April 2014

» Evaporator in a distillation column

March 2014

» Steam generation under hygienic conditions

January 2014

» Wastewater treatment in an automotive painting plant

December 2013

» Always under steam radar sensor ensures fuel supply for power plant

October 2013

» Level measurement in an ammonia receiving tank

September 2013

» Reliable operation even with heavy rain - Radar sensor detects level in rain overflow basin

August 2013

» Point level detection in a heat exchanger

July 2013

» Measuring height in a warehouse for wood pellets

June 2013

» Exhaust air cleaning in a wafer washing facility

May 2013

» Chemical storage tank farm non-contact level measurement, wireless transmission of measurement data

April 2013

» Level measurement of detergent with non-contact radar right through the vessel top

March 2013

» Buffer tank for spent grain

February 2013

» Reliable operation of a harbor lock with VEGAPULS WL 61

December 2012

» Increasing food safety - heat exchanger monitoring by pressure gages

November 2012

» Monitoring a biomass storage facility in a coal-fired power plant

October 2012

» River level monitoring with wireless data transmission

September 2012

» Rock-hard ceramic for pressure measurement in a cyclone separator for iron ore processing

August 2012

» One hot measurement cooling water in the foundry

July 2012

» Flow measurement optimizes biogas production

June 2012

» Level measurement in distillation columns

May 2012

» Keeping the water level under control - bucket elevator control with additional early warning system

April 2012

» The mix makes the difference - density measurement in the dissolution tank

February 2012

» Ceramic resists abrasion level measurement in the ash removal system of a coal-fired power plant

January 2012

» Mobile level measurement in the waste bunker

December 2011

» Empty signal in a bag filling system

November 2011

» Level measurement in salt silos let the winter come

October 2013

» Level measurement in an ammonia receiving tank