The VEGA repair service 

The competent VEGA repair team is at your disposal if your measuring instrument does not function properly. Whether smaller defects or considerable damages, we check and repair your instrument quickly and straightforward. For 80 % of our repair order we do this in only 7 working days. On request we offer you a replacement unit.

If a repair should be necessary, please clean the instrument and pack it carefully (break-proof). To protect our staff, it is indispensable that you complete the safety data sheet for instrument return.
Please return your instrument to the local VEGA agency.

Instrument return form

If it is necessary to repair your instrument, proceed as follows:
This will help us doing the repair quickly and without additional enquiries.

- Download, print out the form and complete it
- Clean the instrument and pack it damage-proof
- Attach the completed form and probably a safety data sheet on the outside of the packaging
- Return the instrument to the local VEGA agency.


Instrument return form
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